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La Marconia Jijonenca Ice Cream and nougats

La Marconia Jijonenca Helados y turrones artesanales
Customer La Marconia Jijonenca
Area Communication strategy, Social Media, Web and SEO
01 — Communication Strategy

La Marconia Jijonenca, a continuing success story with UP! Marketing.

Our relationship with La Marconia Jijonenca began at a crucial time for them. They were looking for a way to stand out in the vast digital world, but faced the challenge of not knowing where to start. That's when they approached us at UP! Marketing in search of a communication strategy that would allow them to connect with their audience in an impactful way.

02 — Marketing

We worked closely with La Marconia Jijonenca to develop a comprehensive strategy that would give voice to its artisan products, differentiating its seasonal offerings and giving a vibrant and attractive online presence. We create a distinctive approach for both your summer and winter products, with differentiated branding, from logos to social media presence.

03 — Web

Your Digital Space on the Internet

Through strategic offers, raffles, and the implementation of loyalty cards, we strive to bring the brand closer to its audience effectively. Additionally, we carry out the development and design of your website in four languages, allowing your online presence to be accessible and captivating to a wider audience.

In addition, we pride ourselves on having carried out exhaustive work on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website. This has allowed La Marconia Jijonenca to be more visible on search engines, increasing its online visibility and reach.

04 —Social Media

Active and creative management

From that initial point, we have continued our partnership with La Marconia Jijonenca, offering active and creative management of their social media. We are proud to be part of your journey and continue to propel your brand to new horizons in the digital world.

Together, we are building a strong and successful narrative in the digital world, and we look forward to continuing this journey together!