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Fusions Estilistes Hair Salon

Fusions Estilistes Perruqueria a la Bisbal d’Empordà
Customer Fusions Estilistes
Area Branding and Social Media
01 — Branding

Reflecting style in every detail: Custom branding

In UP! Marketing, we believe in the magic of transformation. We collaborated with Fusions Estilistes hair salon to not only give you a new face, but also to captivate your audience in the digital world.

Unique and attractive identity. From the logo design to the choice of fonts, each element of the branding has been carefully selected to reflect the essence of the salon and stand out in its industry.

02 — Social Media

Media that shine: strategy and comprehensive management

We don't stop at aesthetics; We also take the brand to cyberspace. We have developed and executed a social media strategy that has taken Fusions Estilistes' online presence to new levels.

From creating engaging content to actively engaging with your audience, each post is designed to resonate with the salon's style and vision.

Redes sociales Fusions Estilistes Salón de Peluquería en la Costa Brava