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Verdmak sale, rental and repair of forestry and agricultural machinery

Web Verdmak a Vall-llobrega. Venda y reparación de maquinaria agrícola
Customer Verdmak
Year 2022
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They contribute to making Empordà so beautiful

The landscape shines in all its splendor when we take care of the gardens, forests and agricultural properties. At Verdmak, they provide and repair the machinery that makes this possible: lawn mowers, brush cutters, motor cultivators, chain saws, strippers, blowers.

They combine enthusiasm and drive, with the experience of more than 20 years and the tradition inherited from a previous generation. They sell and rent quality machinery and tools, which will give a good return. Ivan and Lydia are precise and meticulous with their repairs.

Web Verdmak reparación de maquinari